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Twist Pile

These are probably the most popular and practical choice. They are cut-pile and are available in plain, flecked or patterned styles in either 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre, 50% wool and 50% synthetic fibre or all synthetic pile.  Twists often come in different pile weights from 30oz upwards and, generally, the higher the weight the heavier wear the carpet will take. 

In practice the same style and colour of carpet can be fitted throughout the house, using heavier weights for high-traffic areas and lighter weights for less busy areas.  There can be a slight difference in the appearance of same colour/different weight carpets due to the different pile density.  Twist pile carpets are easier to clean than loop pile carpets and some are treated with a stain protector. Those that aren’t can be treated at the manufacturers, by a reputable carpet cleaner, or by our fitters on site.

See examples from suppliers: Adams, Brintons, Brockway, Cormar, Kingsmead, Penthouse, Pownall, Ryalux, Ulster, Victoria, Westex.


Cut pile, double sheared, luxurious and usually single colour.  This style of carpet is very plush and now used throughout the home rather than just being used for Bedrooms and Bathrooms as in the past.  Velvet pile carpet, like velvet fabrics, have a nap and this can become apparent after vacuuming where you will be able to see the light and shade of the pile as it falls in different directions. 

See examples from suppliers: Louis de Poortere, Ryalux, Victoria, Westex, ,

Axminster & Wilton

Woven carpets, made in the traditional way on traditional looms.  Very hard-wearing and often used in hotels and restaurants but also fitted in homes.  Many original Axminster designs are still being produced, some dating back to the early 1900s, but today’s manufacturers have added very modern designs using this method of carpet manufacture.  See Alternative Flooring, Quirky B, Brintons and Ulster Carpets.

Loop Piles

These are very popular and work in both modern and traditional homes. There are many different styles of this type of carpet – rib, boucle, chunky or fine loop.  The colours tend to be “natural” too.  Beiges, browns, taupes, ivories, etc.  Some have flecks, some are plain and some have either a strong or subtle stripe running through the pile.  They can be fitted anywhere in the home although some are not suitable for stairs as a tight weave can make the carpet slippery.  The drawbacks with this style of carpet are that they don’t join as successfully as a cut pile and are harder to clean.  The pile of these carpets is usually 100% wool (which is slightly softer than the standard 80/20 mix) or they can be synthetic with a small amount of wool.

See examples from suppliers: Alternative Flooring, Crucial Trading, Fibre Flooring, Telenzo and Weston Hammer, .


Coir, Jute, Seagrass and Sisal and some Sisals mixed with wool.  This flooring is very hard-wearing and looks stylish in both modern and traditional interiors but it can be tricky to clean and can also watermark so suppliers of this flooring recommend that it is treated with a stain inhibitor.  It can also be slippery when fitted on stairs so this should be taken into consideration when choosing a natural for your home.  The fitting of this type of flooring is by the “double stick” method which is different from that of conventional carpets and a different underlay is needed.  See examples from suppliers: Alternative, Crucial Trading and Fibre Floorings.


A new generation of carpets using either wool,  viscose,  bamboo or new generation nylon  to produce out-of-the ordinary  21st Century adventures in texture and colour. See Jacaranda, Natural Elements, Sylka and Vorwerk.


From functional to funky. New twist piles designed to look like wool but with stain resisting properties only found in polypropylene carpets.  Budget velours and saxonies in bright colours and neutrals with integral textile backing so underlay is not needed and polypropylene versions of natural fibres.  Also, these are proving popular because of the increase in carpet moth infestations.

See Kingsmead, Victoria, Cormar, Vorwerk


These are extra-thick, 100% wool or all synthetic luxurious carpets which can be used throughout the home but some are not suitable for stairs. 

See examples from suppliers: Jacaranda, Ryalux and Westex


These are custom- made carpets and rugs which can be manufactured in any size up to 7m wide, in any design, colour or style, carved, inlaid or with any pattern you can think of.  We offer a home visit service where a designer will discuss your ideas, give advice and inspiration where needed and finally provide designs with price quotations.

See examples from suppliers: Custom Carpets, Jacaranda, Ryalux.


A new slant on traditional stair runners.  100% wool and in a variety of designs, widths and colours.  See Fleetwood Fox (www.fleetwoodfox.com) and Louis de poortere (www.louisdepoortere.be)


Flotex is a unique hybrid product which is as cleanable as a hard floor but has the warmth of a carpet and comes in a wide variety of designs and colours.  This flooring is 100% waterproof and hygienic (with an integral anti-microbial treatment to protect against a range of bacteria), has the Allergy UK Seal of Approval and a 20 year wear guarantee.

Padstow candy spot carpet

Alternative Flooring Barefoot carpet

abbeyglen cavan plaid carpet

Bell Twist Table with flowers on and Stained Glass Window

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Blockstripe Carpet Stairs with Books

Sisal Floor with Six Baskets